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the dining room, tied by thirds. you dream of me pressed outside covered by leaves as i enter. i wanted to cradle your head in my hands as i once did: fever tilted to jaw grip, pouring my life into this mechanical hum. doorless floodlight, rubber cutoff taut as we meet the space between each other. your clumsy arm cracks the vase, buzzer hits and i slip out. you disappoint me. be grateful that someone cared for you in this condition

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this is the media landscape of the 21st century

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i'm working on a book and some other secret stuff for cable two that i'm very excited about! trying to think of anything new aside from that. i'm always posting art on twitter and instagram if you're looking for the latest up-to-date highly fungible images

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how to live forever a short book of art and poetry / cc0
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Lucille a short story. (last update: September 2022)



BRAT there's no difference between a pretty girl and an ugly one
SANCTIFIED it has been four weeks since my last confession
ACTRESS time's arrow has punctured your heart and i will pull it out
THE LAST NIGHT OF THE FAIR only two people know this motion
THE GAP bristles between the crack grow and blow away
PRESSURE AND RELEASE lower your eyes and you will be there
PROPS there's no difference between us
NO BODY the answer is in that
pandora respond with “here.” (rough sketch)
what happened is on its way oh well.

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