lord of the rings plastic swords banded below the katana on the wall
balsa wood pointed arrows wrapped with green duct tape
hand on denim in the office chair taken to the floor

pulled from the office drawer to ear
molded by pressure around frame
hair pulls head under back

i wish you made me endless
i wish you made me loved

the mirror

they center the wide grey plain between the lawns.
six, seven pairs change space. cargo pants press bare.
they move in singular step with each she takes.
fingers hook around every crack as they drift to the ground.

twitter says it’s this building. intercom moves from windows,
it’s easy to know where they’re coming from.
grass to spread knees on the shift beneath.
equal level on the hill contacted with a single eye,
aware with breath on her back.

full strokes, motion splayed on gravel.
you should know it's only a spasm.
there's no difference between us.
not really.

animal planet

dinner chairs box the corner screen, mammals extended by birth
in sound of pressed gags between timed miles on the gazelle
her neighbor whispers under smoke:
you’re the only fat friend i’ve ever had.

by the middle of july it spills from red sequined white fur,
mottled with sweat. her knees grind the crack of tile
smash mouth christmas song plays by minute.
on first count, glove crushes ribs

in the hallway, the corrector molds the outline in flats
this is a woman’s form. born to feed
she carves her arrangement

my wet hands sting the faded iron
wait for someone to smell it on me again

you were a good boy

it was pinned from the post, someone took down
scraps of letters are what stay here

you, scrubbed the same as anyone
from the curve of your hand
all you wanted was white

i was the one who watched
from the slats, i’m the one.
when it’s over, i’ll make the call.

women take their toll.
bleed until good as dead.

there are no answers,
no questions from me.

i replay the video and
think of your cheeks,
flushed cheeks.