you cruise straight to the west
arrive at the shore and slither on the edge
your body fits perfectly within the cracks of the rocks
flat rhythmic pulse of waves crashing into

one foot drags in the sweep
corner below the overhang of the step
curved to press where it’s felt most.

lower your eyes and you will be there.

humps the covered hole like an animal.
blank face of stunned cattle, drooling outside itself.
arm stretches to slip a coin in the slot.

hit ground in time, hand wired around jaw
takes a drag. legs sleep against the surface
fingers spread to watch semi-soft drip down twitching puddle

linen jacket crouches down to the level
smoke palm pressed on stomach, other slips inside
hammers white soaked greasehand until the screams start

broken in the receiver
I can tell you were missed.

wipes angled panel between slats
placed stale within itself
fingers trace bakelite

that’s because it’s true love.

the circular drain of the glass
breath cycles ignore the space
tucked in chamber

you can open them

the sound of cars decides who stays
skirt pulls down, stands to dust
each frame a picture in reverse

line drawn in subtle variations of blue
everything ends in white slate

paradise is where you are now