what happened is on its way

hands claw the trellis, where everyone meets to grow their heads. this is where it stands:
someone said it, and someone listened. it wouldn't mean anything if my life wasn't given to it.
when the song starts, this is no longer a memory.

You are you again.
The clock stops in front of your eyes.
When you were in high school, you were always tired.
You understand now.

white canvas gurney on metal frame, i can feel the sheet over my head. black wrought iron fences this gift of diplomacy.
6:05, outside the studio. the actor pulls them forward for the delivery. the card opens, pairs of hands touch my hips.
he touches my cheek. there was no difference. only the merge, this state exists for the lost to mirror their essence.
i give him the words and the scene ends. mask blast of compressed air, flash electric rods for the shot.

Snap into place.
Raw back from the repeated carpet burn.
The hair on his arms brush your neck, he holds you like her.
Better to glue your mouth than let the dirty words come.
You are ordered to let it in.

i walk across the street to the overcoat,
they tell me you've been written out.

in the long run, this is nothing.
we'll return to white and back to the role again.
while i'm here, i wanted you.

oh well.